Molli Benson is a 20 year old dancer from Franklin, TN.  Molli has been dancing since she was three years old.  She has experience with all types of dance from ballet to jazz and everything in between and is currently a sophomore attending Point Park University in Pittsburg, PA.  Point Park is considered to have one the very best dance programs in the country and being enrolled in the performing arts program there as a dance major means that Molli dances about 6 hours/ day just for school.  She recently was dancing an additional 4 hours per day in the evenings to practice for a theater production she was in of the Little Mermaid at Pittsburg’s renowned Benedum Center.  Molli has performed in many exciting shows  but the most exciting thing she has done in her career was performing at the CMA music awards this past fall as a dancer for Kenny Chesney’s performance. 

However doing was she loves most has come to a very unfortunate halt.  This past November Molli began experiencing pain in her hip that was so persistent it even hurt while sitting Danceror lying down.  She found herself unable to dance due to the pain.  Since Molli grew up in Franklin TN she decided it was best to fly home and see Dr. James Johnson who she had always seen for her dance injuries while growing up.  Dr. Johnson of Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center has a large patient population of dancers, is the physician for the Nashville Ballet, and was already well acquainted with Molli, so it was an easy decision for her to come back to Nashville to be seen by a doctor for her hip.

“As upsetting as this was Dr. Johnson was wonderful, the day I saw him to go over my MRI result he had one of his partners, Dr. Chad Price, come in the room with us and speak to me about my diagnosis- Labral Tear of the hip,” Molli said. 

Dr. Price is an orthopaedic surgeon at Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center and one of the procedures he specializes in is arthroscopic surgery of the hip- or “hip scopes” to repair labral tears of the hip.  Molli has a few months of rehab ahead of her after her surgery but Dr. Price is confident that she can return to dancing at the level she was at and return to Point Park in time for the fall semester. 

“I was so impressed that my two doctors both spoke to me together on the same day to discuss my diagnosis, what the surgery entailed, and what I was looking at for rehab” said Molli, “I know I am in very good hands.”

Molli’s professional goals are to finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and then become a Radio City Music Hall Rockette and also to have a career performing as a dancer on Broadway. 

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We will all be cheering for you, Molli!

Photography by Martin O’Connor (except Kenny Chesney image)