Aaron Brill age 24 grew up in South Florida and has played baseball since he was a very young child.  He played baseball in college and now plays short stop and second base in Canada for the Canadian American League (the Can Am League). But Aaron was recently sidelined due to injury and it was the longest time he had been off baseball in his life. Here is his story.

For a few months Aaron began to feel what he describes as “central groin/pelvis pain” which he suspected was a sports hernia. But while stealing second base during a game he slid into the base head first and felt hip pain right away.  Thinking it was just a strain Aaron did not go to the doctor right away. He rested for about 3 weeks, but it was not getting better so he came to Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center to see Dr. Chad Price. MRI showed that he had torn the labrum in his hip. It also showed that he had congenitally –meaning from birth- some extra bone in his hip socket which had started to wear down the labrum in his hip even before the major injury to it while stealing second base. (eliteorthopaedic.com/blog/what-is-a-labral-tear-of-the-hip)

The day before Thanksgiving Aaron had surgery to repair the labrum. Dr. Chad Price also shaved down some of the extra bone in his hip socket during surgery.   A full recovery from this procedure is typically 4 months. Aaron has the personality of someone who will push himself and try to beat the 4 month recovery time, but with a hip labral repair this is not possible. Progressing faster than the post-op protocol schedule with this procedure can actually be detrimental to outcomes.  So Aaron worked as hard as he could during his physical therapy and concentrated on the conditioning that he was allowed to do (some core, some upper body) and has done very well with zero setbacks what so ever.  It has been a long road. “This is the longest I have been off baseball since I was about 3 years old!” Aaron said. “It reminds me how much I love it and why I play- I cannot wait to get back to playing. I am feeling great now and my full release will be just in time for my season to start”

“My care from Dr. Price and everyone at Elite has been top notch,  I am so excited with how well I have done.”

– Aaron Brill