On a beautiful day, there’s no better way to spend your afternoon than by playing a round of golf. For centuries, this prestigious game has held competitions all over the world, crowning some of the greatest athletes in the history of sport. Unfortunately, as with all sports, golfers have been subject to numerous injuries over those years. These are 3 of the most common golf injuries that we see and how you can avoid them:

Back Pain

One of the most persistent injuries in golf is back pain. In a sport with as much movement and repetitive motions as golf, including hunching over throughout a course of hours, injury to any part of the back can develop. Back muscle strains and disc herniation are common injuries due to golf. These can be avoided by strengthening and stretching your back, and implementing safe movements in a complicated swing.

Knee Pain

Another common golf injury is knee pain. With constant extensions and rotations of different parts of the knee, even the slightest of wrong movements can leave it susceptible to injury. Examples of knee injury include a torn meniscus, ligament tears, and patellar tendonitis.

Do not attempt to play through minor knee pain. Doing so may lead to bigger issues that require surgery. For information on protecting your knee, click here.

Tendinitis (Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist)

Although tendonitis can occur in the knee, it can affect any area where bones and muscles meet. As a golf swing involves many parts of the body working together, several tendons are at risk. Areas of concern include the shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

  • Shoulder: The rotator cuff may experience tendinitis because of poor turns during your swing.
  • Elbow: Tennis and golfer’s elbow are names given to injuries of the outer and inner tendons of the elbow, respectively. Unnatural arm action is one cause of elbow tendinitis.
  • Wrist: Tendinitis in the wrist may form due to poor hand positioning on your club.

Risk for tendinitis increases with age. Training with safe movements can help to reduce your chance of suffering this injury.

Golf can be a safe sport with a proper training regimen put into place. Age and form are two major reasons players enduring these golf injuries. Practicing good form and maintaining a healthy body weight are ways that you can prevent injury in the future.