Robert Covington, NBA Player- Testimonial

I was coming off a knee injury a couple of years ago when a friend of mine suggested MPOWER. She had previously gotten worked on here and she felt that MPOWER would be good for me. I started working with Dan and that went well and I’ve been coming back each offseason since.

My primary focus when I come here now is on strength and core conditioning, however, I’ve seen improvements in other areas such as flexibility. There are a lot of little things we work on to help me in the long run. We also make sure to get proper techniques down to avoid injury and make sure that my body is feeling good.

I feel that it’s really important to prepare for the season so I take my training seriously. You can’t slack off and think that you’re going to be able to make it 82 games, or potentially, longer. I follow the 5 P’S – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. I take this into consideration as I look forward to the upcoming season. MPOWER has definitely helped improve my conditioning and I think it helps me prevent aches and pains throughout the season.

The regular season will be here soon enough and I’m ready. It’s time to turn everything up. I want to get back to the level I was at last year and push forward even further. We need to build on last year because the conference is wide open for us to take. MPOWER is putting me in a position to be ready for that challenge.

Everyone here that has helped me has been a blessing in my life. They’ve helped me in so many ways and I wouldn’t change anything. They push me and my body to where I need to be.

DeMarco Murray, NFL Running Back- Testimonial

I started coming to MPOWER after suffering a bone bruise MCL injury this past year. I wanted to get my knee feeling right so I would be in a position to play again if I chose to.

Prior to coming here, my progression was a lot slower than I was hoping for. Visiting MPOWER and working with Daniel has certainly sped up that process. We’ve been focusing on things like deep tissue work and quad isolation. I’m not at my end goal quite yet, but it’s a work in progress and I’m happy with how things are going so far. How my knee feels now is very different than when I first started coming in.

I’ve noticed that my strength has gotten better. As a player, you don’t really workout the little muscles and things like that. Being able to work on new aspects of my body like my balance, my hips, and my flexibility are little things that have helped me along the way.

It was a blessing being able to play at the highest level and I’m grateful that I was able to walk away on my own terms. Football is obviously hard and grueling on your body but that’s what you sign up for. This partnership at MPOWER is helping me get my body back right, and it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Thank you to everyone here for the professionalism you have shown me. It’s always great to come here, workout, and not have to worry about anything. The people I’ve worked with—Dan and Colin—have done a great job and made sure that I’m well taken care of.

Amy Brown- Testimonial

My journey with Elite began after being diagnosed with a bulging disc. It was a painful injury that limited my active lifestyle. I did crossfit, but the back injury prevented me from continuing CF and normal daily activities. Sitting at my desk, picking something up off the floor or lifting a light object were painful.

I began seeing Dr. Colin Crosby in hopes to get back to my old lifestyle. He’s been great throughout my entire time with Elite, and he is very patient while listening to my concerns. I don’t like taking meds, so he has worked with me to offer treatment to ease the pain, but doesn’t rely solely on medication. Thankfully, I only have to use the meds on occasion.

After visiting Dr. Crosby, I started physical therapy at MPOWER Performance Institute. I’ve been working alongside Jess and Braxton, who are both great. I tell them how my body reacts to the exercises and they build my program around that. They are awesome about modifying my treatment to best suit my needs.

Another problem that I’ve been seen for is a cyst that was on my wrist. It was affecting daily life and little things like typing were becoming painful. I visited Dr. Thomas Dovan and had the cyst removed, and from there, had occupational therapy at Elite. The pain is gone and I’m back to normal activities.

My life has been impacted in a positive way from my time spent at Elite and MPOWER. I’ve been able to return to most normal activities again and have even gone back to a bootcamp to work out. I’ve achieved some weight loss and I am hoping to regain the full mobility that I had prior to the injury.

The staff at both Elite and MPOWER have been fantastic! Everybody is very nice and willing to work with me if a scheduling conflict occurs. The care has been incredible. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Crosby, Dr. Dovan, Jess & Braxton. I’ve already recommended Elite and MPOWER to my friend when she got hurt.







Dave Briggs, Competitive Cyclist – Testimonial

I had just finished my 16th season of competitive cycling when I was involved in a car accident. Following the incident, I noticed my times were going down and I was having more knee pain than normal. I went for an MRI and found out that my left quadricep tendon was torn.

I had been referred to MPOWER by a fellow cyclist that had surgery and rehabbed here. My physical therapy was great. Working with a professional who knew which elements to stretch and is an expert on mobility led to great progress. There is no way I would have recovered nearly as fast or successfully without MPOWER.

After therapy, I noticed my knee pain was gone and my competitive results had gone up tremendously. My success with their physical therapists led me to MPOWER’s personal training program.

Years ago, I did some serious weight lifting, training, and even a couple of body building shows, so I figured kind of knew what I was doing. Well, things have happened and improved in the 30 years since I started going to the gym. I realized that I’ve been doing some exercises wrong all these years.

It’s been a blessing training with MPOWER. Some of the stuff that we do, I never would have even thought of trying. Keith has been fabulous to work with, too. He understands my passion and my focus of cycling and implements a program that compliments my primary objective – being faster on the bike. My goal is to have as many years of competitive racing as I can. I focus on increased performance, but really, just the totality of core strength and overall fitness that keeps you healthy and increases my career longevity is why I train.

The one-on-one accountability has worked wonders. Everyone is different so having a workout that is tailor-made just for me has been great. The variety of exercises each serve their own purpose and we rotate exercises to confuse muscles and make them adapt. It is also more fun not being stuck in the same routine time after time. Some of the weight that I’m pushing now, I haven’t done since college years.

I’d just like to thank everyone here at MPOWER. I recommend it to anyone I can because of how far I’ve come and the friendly staff. I feel great now!

Kassie Powell – Testimonial

I visited Elite when I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum. I already knew Dr. Martin and felt she was my best option to treat these injuries. I reached out to her and was able to be seen very quickly. When I came in, it was easy to explain to Dr. Martin what my issues were. I told her my limitations, we came up with goals, and then set expectations for what we needed to do from there. She made me feel comfortable with the surgery, which was performed only a week later.

Working with Dr. Martin has been phenomenal. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s so personable and caring that I’ve been able to place my trust in her so easily. I’m grateful to have her as my physician.

The day after surgery, I came to MPOWER Performance Institute for physical therapy. Dr. Martin told me if there was anyone to trust with labrum recovery, it’s Kenny, and she was right.

My physical therapy consists of getting stretched out, then working with exercises centered around mobility and strengthening my shoulder.

Each therapy here is unique. For example, I coach jumps at Belmont. My role includes teaching drills for events such as pole vault, high jump, long jump, and triple jump. Working with overhead movements is an important function of my responsibilities, and before my surgery, it was impossible. Now, after a successful surgery and some fantastic physical therapy, I’ve I’ve developed strength in my shoulder and these motions are finally within reach. Hopefully, I’ll be back to performing handstands and helping my athletes soon!

The best part of my time at Elite and MPOWER has been working with all the great personalities here. Everyone wants to know that I’m doing well and improving. They make me feel like a person rather than a patient. The care that I’ve received from Dr. Martin and Kenny is second to none.