I visited Elite when I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum. I already knew Dr. Martin and felt she was my best option to treat these injuries. I reached out to her and was able to be seen very quickly. When I came in, it was easy to explain to Dr. Martin what my issues were. I told her my limitations, we came up with goals, and then set expectations for what we needed to do from there. She made me feel comfortable with the surgery, which was performed only a week later.

Working with Dr. Martin has been phenomenal. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s so personable and caring that I’ve been able to place my trust in her so easily. I’m grateful to have her as my physician.

The day after surgery, I came to MPOWER Performance Institute for physical therapy. Dr. Martin told me if there was anyone to trust with labrum recovery, it’s Kenny, and she was right.

My physical therapy consists of getting stretched out, then working with exercises centered around mobility and strengthening my shoulder.

Each therapy here is unique. For example, I coach jumps at Belmont. My role includes teaching drills for events such as pole vault, high jump, long jump, and triple jump. Working with overhead movements is an important function of my responsibilities, and before my surgery, it was impossible. Now, after a successful surgery and some fantastic physical therapy, I’ve I’ve developed strength in my shoulder and these motions are finally within reach. Hopefully, I’ll be back to performing handstands and helping my athletes soon!

The best part of my time at Elite and MPOWER has been working with all the great personalities here. Everyone wants to know that I’m doing well and improving. They make me feel like a person rather than a patient. The care that I’ve received from Dr. Martin and Kenny is second to none.