I was coming off a knee injury a couple of years ago when a friend of mine suggested MPOWER. She had previously gotten worked on here and she felt that MPOWER would be good for me. I started working with Dan and that went well and I’ve been coming back each offseason since.

My primary focus when I come here now is on strength and core conditioning, however, I’ve seen improvements in other areas such as flexibility. There are a lot of little things we work on to help me in the long run. We also make sure to get proper techniques down to avoid injury and make sure that my body is feeling good.

I feel that it’s really important to prepare for the season so I take my training seriously. You can’t slack off and think that you’re going to be able to make it 82 games, or potentially, longer. I follow the 5 P’S – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. I take this into consideration as I look forward to the upcoming season. MPOWER has definitely helped improve my conditioning and I think it helps me prevent aches and pains throughout the season.

The regular season will be here soon enough and I’m ready. It’s time to turn everything up. I want to get back to the level I was at last year and push forward even further. We need to build on last year because the conference is wide open for us to take. MPOWER is putting me in a position to be ready for that challenge.

Everyone here that has helped me has been a blessing in my life. They’ve helped me in so many ways and I wouldn’t change anything. They push me and my body to where I need to be.